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This section has articles that deal with topics related to Old Testament studies, as wel as articles that deal with the broader topics of Judaism, Mormonism, and Christianity in the Middle East.


E. J. Wilson D.O., PhD and Father Samir Khalil, in Beirut

The Importance of History

Often people do not care much about history, scriptures, or the Lords activity in the world around us because the world has them pre-occupied with getting thru the day. “The scriptures contain the word of God. Latter-day prophets counsel us to study the scriptures every day, both individually and with our families.” “The Savior used the scriptures to teach and testify about His mission. He taught people to think about the scriptures for themselves and use them to find answers to their own questions.”(
When we study scripture we gain understanding of truth, when we add a study of history we can begin to see how the Lord is actively involved with all of Gods children, and how he begins to fulfill his promises to the entire house of Israel.

History provides a terrain for moral contemplation. “Studying the stories of individuals and situations in the past allows a student of history to test his or her own moral sense, to hone it against some of the real complexities individuals have faced in difficult settings. People who have weathered adversity not just in some work of fiction, but in real, historical circumstances can provide inspiration. "History teaching by example" is one phrase that describes this use of a study of the past—a study not only of certifiable heroes, the great men and women of history who successfully worked through moral dilemmas, but also of more ordinary people who provide lessons in courage, diligence, or constructive protest.” (Peter N. Stearns: