Tasty Tid Bits

Our small information section

This section will contain topics taken from discussions with Dr. E.J. Wilson and from questions asked by some of you.

The Inspiration

Growing up in a household of a scholar, my brothers and I would often hear our father come out of his study or room mumbling and say something along the line of: "I just read the most facinating thing..." or "did you know that ... says ... in the KJV but in Hebrew it has more of the meaning of ...". No matter what the intro was it almost always would lead to a small doctrinal or scholastic discussion on a particular verse, word, or ancient Jewish tradition, or why the restoration of the gospel is true.

The thought that anyone else would want access to some of these concepts was driven home by some members who expressed a desire to have some of our discussions written down. So we have added a "Tasty Tid Bit" section to give a short write up of questions asked us about the various Old and New Testament writings, history, and peoples, as well as some of the discussions we continue to have as Dr. E.J. Wilson furthers his translation work, and publication work.