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Thanks to Proactive Occupational Medicine.
Proactive Occupational Medicine Inc. provides full service on-site occupational medical services, including but not limited to substance abuse testing ,OSHA medical compliance Testing, Health and Wellness Screenings, Fit for duty Physicals , Hair follicle and DNA testing and a host of other medical testing and services. Proactive Occupational Medicine , Inc also offers adaptive on-site health services tailored to each clients specific , individual needs. POM Inc staff utilizes a unique medical philosophy that ties Occupational medicine to Occupational safety, focusing on decreasing work related injuries but trending minor first aids and illnesses to a potential bigger picture allowing its clients safety staff to make adjustments necessary to mitigate possible OSHA recordable and lost time injuries. Proactive Occupational Medicine , Inc. provides on-site medical clinics , first Aid stations (Doc in the box services), mobile medical unit that can be deployed anywhere in the United States.

Who We Are


We have reserved the translations and writings of E. Jan Wilson Ph.D. with regards to the Old Testament and published them here on this site. We are making his translations available for everyone. Our hope is to have this site become a good resource for the LDS community and anyone interested in Christian history, scriptures, and correct translations. Our focus is upon the Middle East, the Bible, and the history of the Church in the Middle East.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been interested in the Middle East, or Near East as it was once called, since the restoration of the gospel. The restoration has given us a fuller view of the workings of the Lord with the children of Israel from before the creation of this earth. We know that the ultimate goal of a loving God is to give all of his children, whether they are of the house of Israel or not, an opportunity to return to Him and dwell with Him for eternity. In the early days of the church the focus was on building a strong base in the gospel so that it can be taken to all the world. Orson Hyde was told, very early on, that he would take the message, to the house of Judah, that they are to begin to gather back in their land of promise. The scriptures have always been important to Latter-day Saints, and that is especially true of the Old Testament where we see many of the prophets who spoke of the land of Israel in the last days.

Our Goal for Growth

We hope to keep developing this web site by continually adding scholarly insights, translations, and developing a scripture study application. With the Isaiah2Joseph Foundation we will also aim to create a lecture series on video, that complement some of our publications. These series will include input from several scholars and other specialists to expand our understanding of given topics. Furthermore, we will add videos that will cover LDS history and areas of interest in the Middle East.

E. Jan Wilson D.O., Ph.D.

Dr. E. Jan Wilson married to Eileen (formerly Eileen Martin), has four sons, several grandchildren, and is a physician who also holds a doctorate in Hebrew and Cognate Studies, who has spent many years in the Middle East (Israel and Lebanon), and has published a number of works which include translations of ancient documents written in Sumerian, Akkadian, Syriac, Hebrew and Arabic.

Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson has a Masters in Humanities, Wright State University (emphasis on Middle Eastern History and early Christianity), and a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies, Wright State University (Greco-Roman world, language, religion, culture and influence). He also has a background in computer science with emphasis on cyber security, programming, and holds several certificates in the field. He has traveled in Greece, Italy and Kurdistan (the Kurdish Autonomous Region of northern Iraq), Israel, and Egypt, and does videography and professional photography.